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Hollyoaks Season 11 Episode 34 : Liquid News
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Genre: Soap
Air Date: 2005-02-17
Season Number: 11
Episodes Number: 34
Overview: A soused Max ends up doused. Mandy and Tony still weren't speaking, Lee and Bombhead were still trying to lose weight and Paula was depressed about Ali. Max and OB planned to swap partners, OB thought that Max meant swinging instead of double-dating. Tony planned to turn Gnosh into an Italian. Tony thought his marriage to Mandy was a sham. Candy and Nicole were confronted by an angry Paula. Mel and Sophie bickered over the boys. Justin was excited about been a Ball Boy. Ali told Nathan and Justin he doesn't fancy Paula. Stu put Lee and Bombhead through their paces. Paula planned Candy and Nicole about Ali not showing. She told them she doesn't like Ali, she's only turned up because she felt sorry for him. Tony and Mandy tried to make up but Tony told Mandy that he could only take so much and he couldn't stop thinking about her and Ben sleeping together months ago. Max and OB were obsessed with Mel and Sophie been twins. Justin and Nathan continued to wind up Ali. Justin and Nathan also told Ali they had sent the...
Stars: Nick Pickard (Tony Hutchinson), , Ashley Slanina-Davies (Amy Barnes/Amy Knight), , Loui Batley (Sarah Barnes), , Jessica Fox (Nancy Osborne / Nancy Hayton / Nancy Dean), , Claire Cooper (Jacqui McQueen / Jacqui Ashworth / Jacqui Malota), , Guy Burnet (Craig Dean),