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Hollyoaks Season 11 Episode 22 : Fast Feud
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Genre: Soap
Air Date: 2005-02-01
Season Number: 11
Episodes Number: 22
Overview: Nicole mounts a campaign to wreck Candy's career plan. Mel set OB up on a blind date. Paula, Nicole and Paula gave up chocolate for lent. Craig tried to encourage Frankie to get back with his dad. Candy was told all she is good for is flipping burgers, so Paula and Nicole hatched a plan which was spiking her cookery project so she failed and studied instead. Ali found out that Nathan's dad is the manager of Chester Gate FC. Johnno wrote to Frankie saying his grounds for divorce is unreasonable behavior on Frankie's part. OB was nervous for his big date. Justin was starting to feel Jealous of Nathan. Craig was mad at Frankie's lack of dignity and left her in the divorce courts. Johnno had demanded either half or all debts paid. Craig harshly told Frankie that the reason Johnno left her is because she always put him down. OB's date was disastrous. Candy broke down when her FT project went wrong. Frankie planned to counter sue Johnno. OB and his date ended up arguing. Candy told Nicole and Paula that she had a learning difficulty that is why...
Stars: Nick Pickard (Tony Hutchinson), , Ashley Slanina-Davies (Amy Barnes/Amy Knight), , Loui Batley (Sarah Barnes), , Jessica Fox (Nancy Osborne / Nancy Hayton / Nancy Dean), , Claire Cooper (Jacqui McQueen / Jacqui Ashworth / Jacqui Malota), , Guy Burnet (Craig Dean),