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The New Toy
6.038/10 by 13 users
Title:The New Toy
Release: 2022-10-19
Runtime: 0 min.
Genre: Comedy
Stars: Daniel Auteuil, Jamel Debbouze, Alice Belaïdi, Simon Faliu, Lucie Fabry, Anna Cervinka
Overview: Samy lives happily outside the system, in the housing projects, alongside his childhood friends and his wife Jihane, who is expecting their first child. To provide for the needs of his future family – very reluctantly – he takes a job as a night watchman in a luxury goods store. Philippe Etienne is the wealthiest man in France. Cold, unfeeling, since his wife died a year ago, he has devoted himself entirely to his business. Alexandre – his only son, and heir to the entire Etienne fortune – keeps his father at arms’ length, seeking refuge in the lonely world of the spoiled child. For his birthday, Philippe opens the toy department of the store where Samy works and tells Alexandre he can take whatever he wants. Alexandre chooses Samy!