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The Wiggles - Fruit Salad Big Show
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Title:The Wiggles - Fruit Salad Big Show
Release: 2022-12-30
Runtime: 57 min.
Overview: It's time for The Wiggles' Fruit Salad Big Show! The Wiggles are bringing their hit live show to YOU, as you can now see them live in concert from the comfort of your own home. Plus, for the first time ever, there's eight Wiggles performing on stage as Tsehay, Anthony, Lachy and Simon are joined by the 'Fruit Salad TV' Wiggles, Evie, Kelly, John, and Caterina. It's double The Wiggles which, of course, means double the fun! All their Wiggly friends will be there too and will join them to sing and dance along to fan favourite songs such as 'Do the Propeller!’, 'Hot Potato' and 'Rock-a-Bye Your Bear’, as well as new and catchy tunes including 'Hey, Tsehay’. The Wiggles' Fruit Salad Big Show is fresh, fruity and double the fun, so get ready to wiggle!